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Windrider 180

Art.No.: 5-180-0

Greed for speed!
This is the ultimate kiting pulk for short and medium distances
The pulk is made for people that need special designed equipment when
they are out in the snow or on the ice.
So we made no compromise in design.
Whenever you need a pulk that is not tipping over at higher speed, this is the one!
 These demands show up when kiting or when  you are out with your snowmobile.
Its actually made for kiting tours and expeditions, but its also greatly
apprechiated as a trailer behind a snowmobile.
Do not drag it yourself through deep snow!
To be able to benefit from the kites/sails on an expedition you need
a pulk that does not tip over, not even when kiting in rough terrain.
A compromise will always effect the kiting abilities of the pulk.
The dimensions scream it out. 180 cm long and
amazing 85cm width! This means stability.
We have lifted the bottom of the pulk from the ground to prevent
the bottom from getting hit by too much unevenness as stones, ice or snow.
As always we try to design the surfaces as strong as possible.
You will see this very clear in the bottom section of this pulk, but not
only there. This pulk has an enormous load capacity.

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910-5Shoulder straps in connection with waist harness75
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910-8Transport Bag 150 cm models175
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920-0Spare Parts 
920-0Drag fittings incl. Screws ( pair)49
920-1Aluminium bar69
920-2Tube short for dragging bar 910-328
920-3Tube long for dragging bar 910-330
920-4Straphook connection between harnesses shoulder/waist13
920-5Carbine hook stainless steel12
920-6Wire incl. swage terminals49
920-7Eye Bolt 9
920-8Interface glideboard set15
920-9STSR Runner complete incl. Mounting rail 253 cm long, 1 piece151
920-91Runner STSR 100-170 cm pulks , pair92
920-92Runner STSR 180-260 cm pulks , pair184

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    nameWindrider 180
    weight 11 kg
    length 180 cm
    max. width 85 cm
    volume >850 L
    construction handmade
    fiberglass- reinforced polyester resins
    body gel coating
    glass fibers
    polyester resins
    color: white
    cover 500 DEN Cordura
    tightening straps
    rubber shock cord
    2 carrying handles
    color: red
    dragging bar/rope pickup Stainless steel fitting
    runners STSR runners, replaceable
    art. no. 5-180-0


The most important thing is that the equipment works as it should, out there.
That’s our main focus!

If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us!
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